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Projectis ab Application Products

Applications of Our Custom Casting and CNC Machining Parts:

  • 1. Automobile Partes: Brake Disc, Connect Rod, Drive Axem, Drive Shaft, Control Arm, Gearbox Praesent, Gearbox Cover, Clutch Cover, Clutch Housing, Rotae, Filter Housing, CV Coniuncta Housing, Obfirmo Hook.
  • 2. Salsissimus vir vivens Partibus: Rocker Arms, Transmission Gearbox, Drive Axles, Gear Housing, Gear Cover, Towing Eye, Connect Rod, Engine Block, Engine Cover, Joint Bolt, Power Takeoff, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Oil Pan.
  • 3. Pars Hydraulica: Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Pump, Gerotor Housing, Vane, Bushing, Hydraulic Tank, Hydraulic Cylinder Caput, Hydraulic Cylindrus Triangulum Bracket.
  • 4. Machinery agriculturae et Tractor Partes: Gear Housing, Gear Cover, Connect Rod, Torque Rod, Engine Clausus, Engine Operculum, Oleum Pump Housing, Bracket, Hanger, Hook, Bracket.
  • 5. Impedimenta rail et ONERARIUS Cars: Shock Absorber Housing, Shock Absorber Cover, Draft Gear Housing, Draft Gear Cover, Wedge and Cone, Wheels, Brake Systems, Handles, Guids.
  • 6. Construction Machinery Parts: Apparatus, Sedes ferens, Gear Pump, Gearbox Praesent, Gearbox Cover, LABIUM, Bushing, BUTIO cylindrum, Suscipe Bracket, Hydraulic Tank, Situla dentes, Situla.
  • 7. Logistics Equipment Parts: Iron Rotae, Gravis Officium Caster Rotae, Industrial Casters, Bracket, Hydraulic Cylindri, Forklift Parce Partibus, Obfirmo Case.
  • 8. Valvae et Pump Partes: Valvae Corpus (Housing), Butterfly Valvae Disc, Ball Valvae Praesent, Flange, Connector, Camlock, Open Impeller, Close Impeller, Pump habitationi (Corpus), Pump Cover.